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Boston mayor says offices will start reopening on June 1

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said offices in the city will begin reopening on June 1, but there will be regulations in place to prevent a spike in coronavirus cases.

Outside of Boston, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is permitting offices to open on May 25. But Walsh said he is delaying the city’s office reopening by a week because Boston’s population doubles on a typical workday.

“We just feel bringing all those people in at one time is dangerous,” Walsh said. “…I just don’t want to see all the work we’ve done to keep the numbers down and see the leveling off that’s happening here right now be for nothing and see a large spike later on down the road.”

The city is working on implementing safety measures such as temperature checks and tracing across the board, Walsh said.
““I don’t think we can afford to shut back down. So I think that we have to get this right the first time,” Walsh said. “

Walsh said he would’ve liked to have a few more weeks to wait and ensure coronavirus case numbers continued to decrease, but he thinks the governor’s plan is “thoughtful.”

“There’s no magic formula. I think it’s going to be being very vigilant on making sure that these industries that open, they follow the strict guidelines laid out for them,” Walsh said.