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Every US state will be partially reopened by tomorrow

By Wednesday, every US state will have started lifting measures enacted weeks ago to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Right now, all states except Connecticut have in some way moved toward reopening — and Connecticut is due to begin its first reopening steps tomorrow.

Here’s a look at some states reopening in the coming days:

Connecticut’s first steps: Starting tomorrow, outdoor dining spaces, offices, retail stores and malls, museums and zoos will all be allowed to reopen with restrictions.
Another New York state region: The Western New York region will begin reopening today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday. It is the sixth region that has met the seven metrics required to enter an initial reopening phase.
Texas keeps moving forward: Gov. Greg Abbott said child-care centers, bars, bowling alleys, rodeos and bingo centers will all be allowed to reopen this week.
Four Northeastern states’ beaches: Cuomo said New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut would all be opening their beaches Friday, ahead of Memorial Day celebrations.