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Nancy Pelosi bashes Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday bashed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his role in the recent dismissal of his agency’s top watchdog, calling the episode “scandalous” and urging Pompeo to provide a justification before Congress.

“Let’s see how this unfolds,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. “But what it is that we know so far is scandalous.”

Pelosi said President Trump’s decision to remove State Department Inspector General Steve Linick within 30 days, a move recommended by Pompeo, is part of broader pattern of recent IG dismissals, which risk allowing top administration officials to flout guidelines — and even break laws — with impunity.

“Inspector generals play an important part of the integrity of our country,” Pelosi said. “It was passed after Watergate to make sure that there was a truth-finder in terms of waste, fraud and abuse and any other violations of the law in agencies of government. That has been respected until now. And what this president is doing is by undermining truth … undermining democracy.

“This is scandalous.”