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George Floyd killing spurs fresh protests across Europe

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Berlin and across Germany to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Other European cities including London also saw huge demos, while three ...

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More than 140 scientists said Facebook should not be letting Trump use the social media platform to spread misinformation and incendiary statements

More than 140 scientists funded by Mark Zuckerberg have said Facebook should not be letting Donald Trump use the social media platform to “spread both misinformation and incendiary statements”. The researchers, who include ...

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Indianapolis sees largest protest against racial inequality in at least 30 years

Indianapolis , largest protest against racial

Thousands participated in a Saturday demonstration at the Indiana Statehouse — the city’s largest against racial inequality and police brutality in at least 30 years. The event marked the ninth ...

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Mark Zuckerberg defends Trump’s posts

Mark Zuckerberg

n a lengthy open letter Friday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg defended his decision to not touch a Donald Trump post with racist overtones — before ending with the statement “Black lives matter.” ...

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FBI launches open attack on ‘foreign’ alternative media outlets challenging US foreign policy

FBI, US foreign policy

The FBI has publicly justified its suppression of dissenting online views about US foreign policy if a media outlet can be somehow linked to one of its adversaries. The Bureau’s ...

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74% of Americans view George Floyd’s death as an underlying racial injustice problem

Nearly three-fourths of Americans view the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer as a sign of an underlying racial injustice problem, a new ABC News/Ipsos ...

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Dwayne Johnson makes powerful plea for leadership

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video calling out President Donald Trump in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The actor stated in a video post on his social media ...

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Joe Biden takes three point lead against Trump

Joe Biden Trump

As Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential nomination, a new poll shows that he’s also retaken the lead over President Trump with registered US voters. Biden now leads Trump 45 per cent to 42 ...

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Trump approval falls amid civil unrest

President Trump‘s approval rating has dropped 6 points in the past month amid widespread unrest and economic uncertainty, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll. The survey of registered voters conducted this week ...

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Black Lives Matter protests aren’t just happening in big cities. They’re also in America’s small towns

As a person of color, Kaneesha Willie has dealt with racism her entire life. Participating in her hometown’s protest in Paducah, Kentucky, gave her an opportunity to show her young, ...

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