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Here the biggest developments about the Rayshard Brooks case

A lot happened during Howard’s news conference; here are the biggest developments:

Charges filed: Former officer Garrett Rolfe faces 11 charges, including felony murder. If convicted, Rolfe faces life in prison without parole or the death penalty, Howard said. Officer Devin Brosnan is on administrative duty and also faces three charges, including aggravated assault.
Graphic photo: At the news conference, Howard displayed a photo he said shows Rolfe kicking Brooks after he had been shot. There were audible gasps in the room as Howard revealed the image.
State witness: Howard said that Brosnan, the other officer on the scene during the killing of Brooks, “has now become a state’s witness.” “He has decided to testify on behalf of the state in this case. What he has said to us that is within a matter of days he plans to make a statement regarding the culpability of officer Rolfe,” Howard said.
Bond: Since Brosnan is now a cooperating witness for the state, Howard said prosecutors “are asking the court to grant a bond of $50,000” and allow him to sign the bond. Howard recommended that Rolfe be denied bond.
Surrendering to authorities: Rolfe and Brosnan must surrender by 6 p.m. ET Thursday, Howard said.
Historical perspective: Wednesday marked the 40th time Fulton County has prosecuted police officers for misconduct, Howard said. This is also the ninth time the county has prosecuted a homicide case committed by a police officer, he said.