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Trump Jr. Doesn’t Seem To Know His Dad Designated The FCC Chairman

Donald Trump Jr. managed to spread some fake news Thursday on Twitter.  The president’s son used the platform to criticize supporters of net neutrality after the Federal Communications Commission repealed the Title II protections that kept the internet a public utility. Unfortunately, Trump Jr. doesn’t seem to have all the facts in order.  “I would pay good money to see all ...

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The Shape of Water review – Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy has monster-sized heart | Film

Guillermo del Toro’s new film is a ravishing 60s-set romance, sweet, sad and sexy. It’s about two lonely hearts who like to meet up during lunch break at work, passing food back and forth and listening to records on a portable turntable. Together, they overcome their impediments and start merrily bounding over all the hurdles in their path – such ...

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Loners, preachers, sex workers and sinners: how Alec Soth captured the real America | Art and design

In 1999, Alec Soth set out on the first of a series of road trips along the Mississippi, travelling from his hometown of Minneapolis, which lies close to its headwaters, to Louisiana in the deep south. Eschewing the detached approach favoured by many of his contemporaries, Soth made evocative portraits of the often isolated individuals he encountered along the way, ...

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New Orleans, water, 12 years, Katrina, officials

New Orleans under water: 12 years after Katrina, officials can’t get it right

It is true: New Orleans lives and dies by its water. We eat from the Gulf, lake and wetlands and we breathe deeply of a sweltering, airborne humidity. We get our drinking water from the muddy Mississippi river, which carries the effluvia of half the country. Thousands upon thousands of rainy years have amplified the continuing decay in wetlands surrounding ...

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Hong Kong, activist, 'stapled', Lionel Messi, photo

Hong Kong activist says he was ‘stapled’ over Lionel Messi photo

A Hong Kong pro-democracy activist says he was beaten and had his legs stapled by Chinese agents because he was planning to send a signed photo of Lionel Messi to a dissident’s widow. Howard Lam, a member of Hong Kong’s Democratic party, said he was snatched on the street on Thursday, forced into a car and made to smell something ...

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Cézanne unmasked, shattering, portraits, Picasso, Paris, avant garde away

Cézanne unmasked: the shattering portraits that blew Picasso and the Paris avant garde away

In Paris at the dawn of the 20th century, a generation of young artists changed everything. They visited the dusty yet magical galleries of the Ethnography Museum in the rambling Trocadéro and some started their own collections of African masks. This fascination with non-European art helped them break with hundreds of years of tradition. Pablo Picasso completed a portrait of ...

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Premier League, 10 things, look out, opening, weekend

Premier League: 10 things to look out for on the opening weekend

1) Spurs aim to pick up where they left off Spurs ended last season like a team who were ready to go all summer. They won their last two games, away to Leicester and Hull, by the walloping margins of 6-1 and 7-1, to complete a run of 12 wins in 13 matches at the end of the Premier League ...

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Venezuela poll, EU, condemns, violence, turnout, figure, disputed

Venezuela poll: EU condemns violence as turnout figure disputed

Venezuelan electoral authorities and opponents of Nicolás Maduro’s ruling socialists have clashed over turnout figures in Sunday’s vote for an assembly to write a new constitution and give the party greater powers. The national electoral council said more than 8 million people had voted on one of the deadliest days since massive protests started in early April in Venezuela, but ...

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GeForce® GTX 960M GDDR5

Apple’s next iPhone: facial-recognition and all-screen design, leaks suggest

The next version of Apple’s iPhone will have infrared-based facial recognition unlocking – eliminating need for a passcode or fingerprint – and will have an almost all-screen design on the front, say developers digging into the pre-release of firmware distributed by Apple. The firmware for the upcoming HomePod smart speaker, which is due for release at the end of the ...

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John McCain, 'skinny repeal', Obamacare, health, act

John McCain sinks ‘skinny repeal’ of Obamacare health act

Arizona senator John McCain torpedoed his party’s Obamacare repeal bill – and with it Donald Trump’s legislative agenda – in a night of high drama on Capitol Hill in the early hours of Friday morning. McCain’s vote against the bill delivered a major setback for Republicans who have spent seven years vowing to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s Affordable Care ...

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