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Maudie review – Sally Hawkins adds a flourish to portrait of reclusive artist | Film

[ad_1] Sally Hawkins will get a lot of attention for her portrayal of the outsider artist Maud Lewis in the new film Maudie. They’ll talk about her voice, which ranges ...

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If Russia is trying to hack America, it is not to help Donald Trump win

Americans know that a functioning democracy relies on a basic trust in the validity of the process. Russia, a country that has thoroughly undermined trust in its own democratic process, ...

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Iran Targets Latin America

Three years ago, as the Obama Administration began to pave the way for a rapprochement with Iran, the State Department offered soothing reassurances to Congress that the Iranian regime’s influence ...

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How America Can Work with Turkey without Losing Syria’s Kurds

Turkey’s military has staged a ground attack in Syria, sending in tanks and troops alongside Syrian Arab rebels to push the Islamic State group (ISIS) from the border town of ...

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Clock running out on challenges to voting rights cases in key states

Battles over voting rights are heating up in states that could play a critical role in the November election. The pressure is on to resolve key issues in a timely ...

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A sense that white identity is under attack’: making sense of the alt-right

The appointment of Breitbart Media’s executive chairman, Stephen Bannon, as Donald Trump’s campaign CEO has been greeted as a turning point in that presidential bid, and perhaps in conservative politics ...

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Opinion: Six myths about the U.S. economy that are just plain wrong

U.S. economy

Your view on the economy affects most of your decisions in life, from how you invest and how you vote, to how much you spend in restaurants. So it’s too ...

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Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet

2016 election,donald trump , hillary clinton

Donald Trump has said publicly that he fears the next election will be rigged. Based both on technical capability and recent history, Trump’s concerns are not unfounded. A recent study ...

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The past, present and future of Trumpism

past, present, future, Trumpism

In his excellent analysis of the roots of Trumpism in the American intellectual right, Timothy Shenk (The long read, 16 August) says that for a long time the only major ...

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Donald Trump’s solution to his predictions of a ‘rigged’ election? Hand-picked observers

Donald Trump,'rigged' election

In television interviews and on the stump, Donald Trump has begun warning of a “rigged” November election that would benefit Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee’s newfound solution? Election observers. Trump ...

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