character, Katy Perry, Katheryn Hudson, scary

‘I created this character called Katy Perry. I didn’t want to be Katheryn Hudson. It was too scary’

In among the typical recording detritus of New York’s Jungle City Studios – boxes of foam ear plugs, rolls of tape, untouched buttons on a soundboard the size of a London studio flat – sits a Febreze candle, its lime-green wax emitting a scent like sweetened detergent. It’s the first thing Katy Perry notices as she suddenly appears behind me. ...

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Jeff Sessions, agrees, appear, Senate, intelligence, committee

Jeff Sessions agrees to appear before Senate intelligence committee

The US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has agreed to appear before the Senate intelligence committee next week as it investigates alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election. In a letter on Saturday to Senator Richard Shelby, Sessions writes that his decision to appear comes in light of last week’s testimony by fired FBI director James Comey. Sessions had been scheduled ...

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Venezuela, mass, anti-government, demonstrations, enter, third month

Venezuela’s mass anti-government demonstrations enter third month

There is a pattern to the protests that have rocked Venezuela for the past two months. Anti-government demonstrators set off on a march to the government buildings in Caracas’s city centre to protest against a government they consider illegitimate. Halfway to their destination national guards and riot police deter them with gas bombs and water cannons. Clashes ensue and dozens ...

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'Drop hard Brexit plans', leading, Tory, Labour MPs, May

‘Drop hard Brexit plans’, leading Tory and Labour MPs tell May

Senior Tory and Labour MPs called on Theresa May to forge a new cross-party approach to Brexit as fears grew that the prime minister’s weakness could lead to the imminent collapse of talks on the UK’s exit from the European Union. In a dramatic demonstration of May’s loss of authority, as a result of Thursday’s general election – which stripped ...

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Harry Kane, denies, Scotland, win, England, Griffiths

Harry Kane denies Scotland win over England after Griffiths sparks frantic finish

The only word to describe it is bedlam. It was certainly difficult to make sense of that extraordinary finale other than to say that, ultimately, Harry Kane showed everyone right at the end why Gareth Southgate had made him captain for the day. It was the 93rd minute when Kane denied Scotland their “football, bloody hell” moment and, in the ...

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Anti-Muslim, rallies, US, denounced, civil rights groups

Anti-Muslim rallies across US denounced by civil rights groups

A wave of anti-Muslim rallies planned for almost 30 cities across the US on Saturday by far-right activists has drawn sharp criticism from civil rights groups and inspired counter-protests nationwide. A number of small protests took place and in many places, including New York and Chicago, a few dozen “anti-Sharia” demonstrators were outnumbered by counter-protesters. Hundreds of counter-protesters marched through ...

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Puerto Rico, votes, statehood, US, 51st star, flag

Puerto Rico votes again on statehood but US not ready to put 51st star on the flag

The hall is a sea of pink and white. About 350 Puerto Ricans, mostly women, have come to hear their First Lady speak in what they hope will be the final push towards a new relationship between their island and the United States. When Beatriz Rosselló, the 32-year-old wife of the governor of Puerto Rico, finally appears at the rally ...

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Pound, claws back, hung, parliament, spooks, City

Pound claws back some losses after hung parliament spooks the City

The pound has suffered heavy losses in volatile trading, as the impact of Britain’s inconclusive general election ripples through the City. Sterling tumbled over three cents against the US dollar this morning to an eight-week low of just $1.265, putting it on track for its worst daily loss since the EU referendum. It also slumped to a seven-month low against ...

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Gloria Steinem, Trump, galvanised, activists, Vietnam war

Gloria Steinem: Trump has galvanised more activists than the Vietnam war

The presidency of Donald Trump has galvanised more political activists in the US today than the Vietnam war, according to Gloria Steinem. The longtime feminist activist and writer said Trump’s election was part of a “dangerous” nationalist, anti-immigration and anti-feminist backlash that is happening globally. Steinem, 83, who has been fighting for equality since the late 1960s, said the “only ...

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Qatar, crisis, Arab nations, terror, sanctions

Qatar crisis grows as Arab nations draw up terror sanctions list | World news

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have sanctioned a dozen organisations and 59 people it accuses of links to Islamist militancy – a number of them Qataris or with links to Qatar – escalating the diplomatic crisis in the region. The publication of the sanctions list comes amid increasing efforts by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain ...

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