schoolgirl, thrash, metal band, smashing, stereotypes, Indonesia

The schoolgirl thrash metal band smashing stereotypes in Indonesia

It was a dull day in music class that ignited a rebellion in three Indonesian teenage girls. Poring over their school teacher’s music collection, the hijab-wearing schoolgirls from conservative West Java discovered a trove of heavy metal. “I just fell in love with metal since that first time I heard it. It felt so rebellious,” said 16-year-old Firdda Kurnia. “I ...

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French Open 2017, Simona Halep, Jelena Ostapenko, surprise, final

French Open 2017: Simona Halep and Jelena Ostapenko set up surprise final

Romania’s Simona Halep will take on the unseeded Jelena Ostapenko for the French Open title after two outstanding semi-finals here on Thursday which showcased some of the best ball-striking and athleticism the game has to offer. Halep, the third seed and considered a weak favourite in what was called the most open of French Opens, reached her second Roland Garros ...

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Super Bowl, US, watch, Comey, hearing

‘You’d think it’s the Super Bowl’: US stops to watch Comey hearing

If resistance is the new brunch, then Shaw’s Tavern is center of the movement. Hundreds gathered before 10am at the local brunch spot in north-west Washington DC to watch James Comey testify that Donald Trump attempted to interfere with the FBI investigation into the president’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. “To see this you’d think it’s the Super Bowl,” ...

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Cousin, Rachel, Rachel Weisz, magnificent, villain

My Cousin Rachel review – Rachel Weisz makes a magnificent villain

My Cousin Rachel is a highly enjoyable mystery thriller of the sort that modern communication and the internet have made impossible to set in the present day. Based on the 1951 novel by Daphne du Maurier, and adapted and directed by Roger Michell, it is a fantastically preposterous psychological drama featuring a lush score from Rael Jones and a tremendous ...

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defenders, transfer, fees, rocketed, quest, success

How defenders’ transfer fees rocketed in quest for success

“I was in demand,” remembered Phil Babb. “I was on holiday and every other day I was reading the papers and I was going here, there and everywhere.” Back in 1994, the player who was once rejected by his local club Millwall appeared to have the world at his feet. Fresh from his exploits for Republic of Ireland at the ...

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Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise, ditch, goody, two-shoes, act

Hit the road, Jack Reacher: why Tom Cruise should ditch the goody two-shoes act

Tom Cruise is stuck in a holding pattern of total heroism and diminishing artistic returns, and he badly needs to break out of it. Look at the last decade of his work: he’s been almost tediously unstoppable. He has had three outings as the indestructible, comically resourceful and courageous Ethan Hunt in three of the Mission: Impossibles (with another one ...

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May, Corbyn, UK, attempt, sway, voters

May and Corbyn cross UK in attempt to sway voters on final day of campaigning

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn criss-crossed the country on the final day of a hard-fought campaign in which the Conservatives remained clear favourites to secure an overall majority despite an energetic bid for power by the Labour party. The Labour leader attended six rallies, starting at Glasgow at 8am and ending in his own patch of Islington with a speech ...

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Polygraph, pedophiles, virtual reality, assess, sex offenders

Polygraph for pedophiles: how virtual reality is used to assess sex offenders

In a maximum security mental health facility in Montreal is a “cave-like” virtual reality vault that’s used to show images of child sexual abuse to sex offenders. Patients sit inside the vault with devices placed around their penises to measure signs of arousal as they are shown computer-generated animations of naked children. “We do develop pornography, but these images and ...

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Christopher Wray, Trump, replace, Comey, FBI director

Who is Christopher Wray, Trump’s pick to replace Comey as FBI director?

After Donald Trump’s abrupt firing of the FBI director, James Comey, last month, former agents said the bureau’s rank-and-file wanted one thing: a fiercely independent replacement who would restore the bureau’s reputation for staying apolitical. Christopher Wray, a criminal defense attorney and former senior justice department official, may not have been their first choice. But Trump’s pick for FBI director ...

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James Comey, reveals, concerns, Trump, devastating, Congress

James Comey reveals concerns about Trump in devastating account to Congress

The fired FBI chief, James Comey, has publicly revealed how Donald Trump put pressure on him to shut down an investigation into a senior adviser’s links to Russia. Trump asked Comey to drop his investigation into the former national security adviser Gen Michael Flynn, Comey’s first written account of his interactions says. “I hope you can see your way clear ...

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