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Harry Kane denies Scotland win over England after Griffiths sparks frantic finish

Harry Kane, denies, Scotland, win, England, Griffiths

The only word to describe it is bedlam. It was certainly difficult to make sense of that extraordinary finale other than to say that, ultimately, Harry Kane showed everyone right ...

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Anti-Muslim rallies across US denounced by civil rights groups

Anti-Muslim, rallies, US, denounced, civil rights groups

A wave of anti-Muslim rallies planned for almost 30 cities across the US on Saturday by far-right activists has drawn sharp criticism from civil rights groups and inspired counter-protests nationwide. ...

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Puerto Rico votes again on statehood but US not ready to put 51st star on the flag

Puerto Rico, votes, statehood, US, 51st star, flag

The hall is a sea of pink and white. About 350 Puerto Ricans, mostly women, have come to hear their First Lady speak in what they hope will be the ...

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Pound claws back some losses after hung parliament spooks the City

Pound, claws back, hung, parliament, spooks, City

The pound has suffered heavy losses in volatile trading, as the impact of Britain’s inconclusive general election ripples through the City. Sterling tumbled over three cents against the US dollar ...

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Gloria Steinem: Trump has galvanised more activists than the Vietnam war

Gloria Steinem, Trump, galvanised, activists, Vietnam war

The presidency of Donald Trump has galvanised more political activists in the US today than the Vietnam war, according to Gloria Steinem. The longtime feminist activist and writer said Trump’s ...

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Qatar crisis grows as Arab nations draw up terror sanctions list | World news

Qatar, crisis, Arab nations, terror, sanctions

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have sanctioned a dozen organisations and 59 people it accuses of links to Islamist militancy – a number of them Qataris or with links ...

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Working review – Lin-Manuel Miranda retunes Terkel’s paen to American labour

Lin-Manuel, Miranda, Terkel, paen, American, labour

Working, Studs Terkel’s 1974 book, is a thing of simple beauty. Taking the form of verbatim interviews with Americans about their daily working lives, it gives voice to those who ...

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Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist gets prison time for threatening victim’s family

Sandy Hook, conspiracy, theorist, prison, threatening, victim's family

A Florida woman who believed that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school was a hoax was sentenced to five months in prison this week for threatening the ...

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Bernie Sanders to mark the ‘turning point’ for his political revolution

Bernie Sanders, mark, 'turning point', political, revolution

Bernie Sanders’ speech at the People’s Summit in Chicago on Saturday will mark a “turning point” for the political revolution he inspired, according to the organizers behind the three-day activist ...

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Carmen Ejogo: ‘Hollywood wasn’t ready for someone who looked like me’

Carmen Ejogo, Hollywood, ready, looked, like

“Where in the world is Carmen Ejogo?” – a phrase that’s often uttered by anyone who’s ever seen the striking British actor on screen and then swiftly wondered why the ...

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