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Frank Vincent, Sopranos actor and Scorsese veteran, dies at age 78

Frank Vincent, Sopranos actor and Scorsese veteran, dies at age 78

Frank Vincent, who played the mob boss Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos and appeared in several Martin Scorsese films, has died at the age of 78. TMZ reported that Vincent had a heart attack ...

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Don Williams, country music’s ‘Gentle Giant’, dies at 78

Don Williams, country music, 'Gentle Giant', dies at 78

Don Williams, the country singer and Nashville songwriter best known for his 1981 hit ballad I Believe in You, has died at home in Alabama aged 78. On Friday his ...

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Amazon and Apple join race for James Bond distribution rights

Amazon, Apple, race, James Bond, distribution rights

Amazon and Apple have emerged as contenders to take on the multibillion-dollar distribution rights for the James Bond film franchise and could provide a new TV home for 007. The ...

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Equifax told to inform Britons whether they are at risk after data breach

Equifax, Britons, risk, data breach

Equifax, the US credit ratings firm victim to an unlawful breach of security, has been told to inform British residents “at the earliest opportunity” if their personal information has been ...

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New AI can guess whether you’re gay or straight from a photograph

New AI, gay, straight, photograph

Artificial intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on photos of their faces, according to new research that suggests machines can have significantly better “gaydar” than ...

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Amazon seeks prime North American spot for second headquarters

Amazon, North American, headquarters, 'ambush',

Amazon has launched a $5bn (£3.8bn) search for a site for a new headquarters, asking cities across the US and Canada to make their pitches. The new HQ will be ...

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Cézanne unmasked: the shattering portraits that blew Picasso and the Paris avant garde away

Cézanne unmasked, shattering, portraits, Picasso, Paris, avant garde away

In Paris at the dawn of the 20th century, a generation of young artists changed everything. They visited the dusty yet magical galleries of the Ethnography Museum in the rambling ...

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