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Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump harnessed anti-establishment anger

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, harnessed, anti-establishment, anger

Bernie Sanders has acknowledged that Donald Trump managed to become president by tapping into the anti-establishment anger of “a declining middle class” but said he will continue to challenge him. ...

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Donald Trump eyes stunning victory as Hillary Clinton loses more states

Donald Trump, stunning, victory, Hillary Clinton, loses, states

Donald Trump was poised to pull off a stunning upset in the US election early Wednesday morning as Democrats lost a crucial rust belt state that dashed dreams of Hillary ...

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Donald Trump ally swears vigilante poll watchers will not target voters by race

Donald Trump, ally, vigilante, poll, watchers, voters

After local Democratic parties in six battleground states filed lawsuits against Trump adviser Roger Stone’s voter fraud monitoring project, the Republican operative released new rules for volunteer monitors and pledged ...

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The last-minute map: how to read each presidential candidate’s final stops

The last-minute map, read, each, presidential, candidate, final

In the final nine days of the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made a combined total of 50 stops in 14 states. What do these stops tell us ...

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Election polls set to open after Clinton and Trump make final pitches

Election, polls, Clinton, Trump, final, pitches

American voters are heading to the polls after a star-studded climax to a campaign that could elect either the first female president of the United States or a celebrity billionaire ...

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Hillary Clinton buoyed by high Latino turnout in election’s final hours

Hillary Clinton, buoyed, Latino, turnout, election, final hours

The US presidential campaign ended on Monday where the fiercest nomination battles began – in the rust belt – as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent the last hours of ...

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Hillary Clinton visits city of Founding Fathers for final rally as America goes to polls

Hillary Clinton, visits, Founding Fathers, final rally, America, polls

Standing in front of the building where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, the nation’s first black president urged American citizens to send the first woman to the ...

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Donald Trump inflates with pride to claim backing of NFL star Tom Brady

Donald Trump, inflates, pride, NFL ,star, Tom Brady

Donald Trump may not have had any celebrities appearing his behalf on Monday night – but he told a crowd of more than 10,000 that he was backed by the ...

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio fuels voter intimidation fears with Arizona plans

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, voter, intimidation, fears, Arizona, plans

Joe Arpaio, the controversial sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, who has been charged with criminal contempt in a racial discrimination case, is preparing to deploy his deputies at polling stations ...

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Georgia Republicans will consider Clinton supreme court nominees

Georgia, Republicans, Clinton, supreme court, nominees

Georgia’s two Republican senators have broken with members of their party, saying they would consider supreme court nominees put forward by Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency, the Atlanta ...

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