Big Ben bongs sound for final time for four years | UK news

The bongs of Big Ben have sounded for the final time before they are silenced for a four-year period of restoration workon the Elizabeth Tower. The tower is undergoing a £29m programme of renovation until 2021, but the prime minister and several MPs have raised concerns over the plan to silence the bell. House of Commons authorities said workers would ...

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Venezuela poll, EU, condemns, violence, turnout, figure, disputed

Venezuela poll: EU condemns violence as turnout figure disputed

Venezuelan electoral authorities and opponents of Nicolás Maduro’s ruling socialists have clashed over turnout figures in Sunday’s vote for an assembly to write a new constitution and give the party greater powers. The national electoral council said more than 8 million people had voted on one of the deadliest days since massive protests started in early April in Venezuela, but ...

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John McCain, 'skinny repeal', Obamacare, health, act

John McCain sinks ‘skinny repeal’ of Obamacare health act

Arizona senator John McCain torpedoed his party’s Obamacare repeal bill – and with it Donald Trump’s legislative agenda – in a night of high drama on Capitol Hill in the early hours of Friday morning. McCain’s vote against the bill delivered a major setback for Republicans who have spent seven years vowing to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s Affordable Care ...

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Trump, Putin, undisclosed, second meeting, White House, confirms

Trump and Putin had undisclosed second meeting, White House confirms

Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin held a second, previously undisclosed meeting during the G20 summit in Germany, the White House confirmed on Tuesday. There was much media scrutiny of the leaders’ formal bilateral talks on 7 July in which, the US president later said, Putin denied allegations that he led efforts to interfere in last year’s US election. ...

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Resistance, Now, healthy, dose, reality

The Resistance Now: a healthy dose of reality

We go again Senate Republicans have been sweating away over the latest version of their healthcare bill over the past week. Now they’ve come out and slapped it down on the table. Unluckily for the GOP … a) Activists are both energized and accustomed to thwarting ill-thought out healthcare legislation. b) It appears that some Republicans are unlikely to vote ...

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Man, killing, four youths, missing, Pennsylvania

Man admits to killing four youths who went missing in Pennsylvania

A man who was a person of interest in the search for four missing men in Pennsylvania has admitted to killing them and told authorities the location of their bodies, his defense attorney said Thursday. The lawyer, Paul Lang, said that his client, Cosmo DiNardo, 20, was ready to plead guilty to four counts of first-degree murder. Lang says prosecutors ...

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Pope Francis, allies, Trump, White House, 'apocalyptic geopolitics'

Pope Francis allies accuse Trump White House of ‘apocalyptic geopolitics’

An explosive article written by two close associates of Pope Francis has accused Steve Bannon, the chief White House strategist, of espousing an “apocalyptic geopolitics” whose roots are “not too far apart” from that of Islamist extremism. The article in La Civiltà Cattolica, which is vetted by the Vatican before publication, lays out a scathing critique of “evangelical fundamentalism” in ...

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Home care, workers, lives, hands. paid, $10 an hour

Home care workers have our lives in their hands. They’re paid only $10 an hour

June Barrett’s day as a home care worker starts at 5pm and lasts for 16 hours, overnight. All night long, she checks on her elderly clients, a married couple both in their 90s. They sleep in different parts of their Miami home, and much of Barrett’s job is spent trekking through the corridors, back and forth, to make sure husband ...

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Trump, election, backs away, voter, data, outcry

Trump election group backs away from its request for voter data after outcry

The Trump administration is backing away from its extraordinary attempt to gather voters’ personal information, following a barrage of legal challenges, an outcry from state officials, and a rash of voter registration cancellations by people concerned about their privacy. Voting rights groups have filed at least six lawsuits in response to a letter sent out on 28 June by Kris ...

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Tobacco, companies, tighten, Washington, Trump

Tobacco companies tighten hold on Washington under Trump

Tobacco companies have moved swiftly to strengthen their grip on Washington politics, ramping up lobbying efforts and securing significant regulatory wins in the first six months of the Trump era. Day one of Donald Trump’s presidency started with tobacco donations, senior figures have been put in place within the Trump administration who have deep ties to tobacco, and lobbying activity ...

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