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Scott Walker given fake $900m check from Koch brothers for ‘climate denial’


Wisconsin governor Scott Walker encountered what looked like a group of young supporters during a campaign stop on Monday at a local pizza shop, only to be presented with a ...

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Syria crisis: US ‘support fire’ to defend American-trained fighters

Syria, crisis, US, American, trained, fighters

US air power has been used for the first time to defend US-trained forces fighting in Syria, a Pentagon spokesman has confirmed. Capt Jeff Davis said “defensive support fire” was ...

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Australian PM knocks back Indigenous constitution plan

Australian, PM, knocks, Indigenous, constitution

Australia’s Prime Minister has rejected a proposal to consult Aboriginal people first about recognising them in the nation’s constitution. Aboriginal leaders want their own people to agree first on how ...

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Burundi rights activist Mbonimpa injured in gun attack

Burundi, rights activist, Mbonimpa, gun, attack

A prominent Burundi human rights activist has been shot and seriously wounded by gunmen on motorbikes, his family and witnesses say. Pierre Claver Mbonimpa was attacked in the capital, Bujumbura. ...

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​UN Human Rights Chief Compare UK Press To ‘Nazi Propaganda’

​UN Human Rights Chief

UK tabloids like the Murdoch-owned Sun that compared immigrants to ‘cockroaches’ recall the dark days of the Nazi media attacking those they sought to eliminate, according to the UN’s human ...

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Hillary Clinton gives mother’s tough upbringing the lead role in first TV ads

Hillary Clinton, mother, tough, role, TV, ads

As Hillary Clinton seeks the nation’s highest office for a second time, a central theme of her pitch has been the story of her mother as a lesson in resilience. ...

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Ted Cruz expresses ‘full out denial’ of global warming during forum

Ted Cruz, denial, global, warming, during

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has stated that he doesn’t believe in the science behind global warming. In a forum hosted by Freedom Partners on Sunday evening, a key cog ...

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Hillary Clinton aide emails describe David Cameron as ‘aristocratic and inexperienced’ – and Boris Johnson as a ‘clown’

Hillary Clinton

David Cameron is “aristocratic, unsure, inexperienced, oblique and largely uncommitted”; Boris Johnson is “Tory clown prince”. That is, at least, according to emails released from a private system used by ...

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Ted Cruz looking to build Southern ‘firewall’

Ted, Cruz, build, Southern, firewall

Ted Cruz made the case Sunday that he can win the Republican nomination because of his strength in the South. The Texas senator was a crowd favorite at the Koch ...

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Charles Koch invokes fight for civil rights as model for political activism

Charles Koch, invokes, civil rights, model, political, activism

Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch on Sunday compared the efforts of his political network to the fight for civil rights and other “freedom movements,” part of a growing effort by the ...

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