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The black man carryies an injured white man to safety in London protest

The image of Patrick Hutchinson’s selfless act has now spread across the globe. Hutchinson told CNN Sunday it was the first Black Lives Matter protest he attended, and he helped ...

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These Republicans may vote for Biden come November, They holding “Black Lives Matter” and “Justice 4 George” signs


In this bedroom community north of Phoenix, two gray-haired white residents stand silently at a dusty intersection, holding up homemade signs in the blistering 100-plus-degree heat. It only takes a ...

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Journalist partially blinded while covering protests


The final photos journalist Linda Tirado took around midnight on May 30, while covering the protests in Minneapolis, show what appears to be a police officer aiming a foam bullet gun right at her. Shortly after, ...

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Atlanta police chief resigns after officer shoots and kills a black man

Less than 24 hours after a white police officer shot and killed an African-American man outside a fast-food restaurant, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta announced on Saturday that the ...

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Seven Minneapolis police officers have resigned since George Floyd’s death

At least seven Minneapolis police officers have resigned from the department since unrest began over the death of George Floyd last month, and more than half a dozen are in ...

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Donald Trump delays Oklahoma election rally to avoid Juneteenth slavery date

D.C. National Guard, coronavirus

Donald Trump has postponed his planned election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma – the scene of one of the worst race massacres in US history – amid outcry over its clash with the ...

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Second George Floyd? Oklahoma police releases video of black man saying ‘I Can’t Breathe’ in 2019

The Oklahoma City Police Department has released video recordings of a 2019 arrest of a black man who repeatedly pleaded “I can’t breathe” in between moans shortly before he died ...

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The NFL commits $250 million over the next 10 years to help fight systematic racism


The NFL announced it would pledge $250 million over the next ten years to help fight systematic racism. The money will be allocated to a fund that will also “support ...

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Trump immigration order may halt work visa entries until fall


The White House has developed proposals severely limiting employment-based immigration visas as the nation recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, though President Donald Trump has yet to decide whether to push ...

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Canada’s Military sales to Saudi Arabia skyrocket

Newly-released figures have revealed that Canada’s sales of military hardware to Saudi Arabia hit a record in 2019, despite a moratorium that was in place on approval of new arms ...

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