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Occupied Palestinian Territories vs occupied Scotland

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son has called for British diplomats to be “kicked out” of Israel over a reference to the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The prime minister’s middle child, Yair, made the ...

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Police use stun gun on Florida woman on her 70th birthday

Police , stun gun, Florida

A Florida grandmother was struck by a stun gun three times by police after she refused to allow officers who had an arrest warrant for her grandson into her home, ...

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The most expensive congressional races of the last decade

Political campaigns are becoming more expensive, as more Americans contribute to candidates and outside groups blanket the airwaves and fund armies of canvassers. Since 2010, Republicans, Democrats and their outside ...

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Fed study finds Trump tariffs backfired

Trump tariffs

President Donald Trump’s strategy to use import tariffs to protect and boost U.S. manufacturers backfired and led to job losses and higher prices, according to a Federal Reserve study released this ...

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Giuliani held back channel phone call with Venezuelan President

Giuliani, Venezuelan President

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer held a back channel phone call with Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolas Maduro in September 2018, according to The Washington Post, serving as the latest example ...

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Mass killings in US reach highest mark since at least 1970s, largely due to shootings

Mass, US ,shootings

Mass killings in the United States have reached their highest point since at least the 1970s, according to a database compiled by The Associated Press in coordination with USA Today ...

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Biden: I would honor whatever Congress legitimately asks in impeachment trial

Biden, Congress , impeachment

Former Vice President Joe Biden walked back comments that he would not comply with a subpoena to appear before the Senate in the impeachment trial of President Trump, saying he ...

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Trump asks for unity against anti-Semitism ‘scourge’

Trump, anti-Semitism

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a series of measures to tackle a “crisis” of anti-Semitic attacks, following a mass stabbing. Mr de Blasio said security would be ...

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Ivanka to leave White House if father wins in 2020 presidential race

Ivanka, White House

President Trump’s adviser and daughter Ivanka Trump signaled in a new interview that she could leave the White House if her father is reelected in 2020. Asked in a CBS ...

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Putin thanks Trump for foiling new year attacks

Putin, Trump

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has thanked US counterpart Donald Trump for intelligence that helped foil “acts of terrorism” on Russian soil, according to a Kremlin statement. Mr Putin and Mr ...

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