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UCLA hospital cites medical scopes in superbug CRE outbreak

hospital, medical scopes, superbug, sterilization

Since that internal January 28 finding, the hospital is now using an additional new sterilization procedure that involves applying a gas to the scopes, hospital officials told reporters. “There’s no ...

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Court temporarily halts U.S. from detaining some asylum seekers

Court, halt, U.S., asylum, seeker

A federal court on Friday temporarily halted the Obama administration policy of detaining mothers and children seeking asylum in the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union had filed a ...

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New Jersey’s Christie getting heat to step up his presidential plans

New Jersey, presidential, plan, campaign, White House

Republican Chris Christie is facing pressure to step up the pace in forming a likely presidential campaign and to slow the defection of financial donors to rivals like Jeb Bush ...

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U.S. lawmaker pushes Obama to aid allies in ISIS fight

U.S., lawmaker, Obama, aid, allies, ISIS, fight

A senior Republican lawmaker has told President Barack Obama she was prepared to block foreign aid money if the administration did not provide fighter jets and tanks to Egypt and ...

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Democrats ask Boehner to delay Netanyahu speech

Democrats, Boehner, delay, Netanyahu, speech

Nearly two dozen congressional Democrats sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Wednesday urging him to delay Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress next month ...

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Doctors ‘should snoop on antibiotic prescribing’

snoop, antibiotic, scripts, doctor, health, NICE

It is one of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommendations to avert the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance. Its draft guidelines also say doctors need to ...

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Copenhagen memorial

Copenhagen, memorial

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Hackers stole from 100 banks and rigged ATMs to spew cash

hackers, stole, banks, rigged, ATM

More than 100 banks were hit, Kaspersky said, and based on the hackers’ practice of stealing between $2.5 million and $10 million from each bank, it estimated “total financial losses ...

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Battle rages in Ukraine

Battle, rages, Ukraine


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Samsung and LG go to war over 4 damaged washing machines

samsung, LG, washing mashnes, damaged

washing machines? Yes, this skirmish is over four damaged washing machines with a total value of around $11,000. Samsung alleges that Jo Seong-jin, the CEO of LG’s home appliance division, ...

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