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should we let our kids use iPads and why Steve jobs did not let his kids ?

Steve jobs

in a Sunday article, New York Times reporter Nick Bilton said he once assumingly asked Jobs, “So your kids must love the iPad?” Jobs responded: “They haven’t used it. We ...

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The rifts behind Nigeria’s mass kidnap

When local people warned that hundreds of Islamist militants were heading towards his remote town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria, Danuma Mphur hurried to summon help. As chairman of the ...

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Police disperse protesters ahead of Congo parliament election debate

Police fired tear gas on Monday at demonstrators trying to protest against a parliamentary debate on a proposed census in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s which, if approved, could delay ...

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Italian police uncover huge fake euro banknote factory near Naples

Italian police

Italian police have made one of their biggest seizures of fake currency for years. They say unfinished 50-euro banknotes worth more than 50 million euros, along with sophisticated printing presses, ...

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François Hollande reassures French nation after three terrorists shot dead by police

François Hollande

French President François Hollande followed Friday’s events from the situation room in the Élysée Palace and delivered a televised address to the French nation. “The call for unity, which I ...

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Paris shootings: Links emerge between suspects

Paris shootings

French authorities say links have emerged between two brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo shootings and a man believed to have killed a policewoman in Paris a day later. Police ...

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Roma baby to be buried in France as inquiry launched

A Roma baby is to be buried in a French cemetery later amid a row over the reported refusal by the mayor of a nearby town to grant her a ...

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Euro touches a nine-year low against US dollar

The euro slid to a nine-year low against the dollar as investors predicted the European Central Bank (ECB) may act to stimulate the economy. The euro fell by 1.2% against ...

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Why 2015 could be the year Europe starts to unravel

Few European Union politicians will have raised a New Year glass in expectation of a brighter future. Many fear that 2015 could be the year in which both the euro ...

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There's No Place Like a Safe Home for the Holidays

[ad_1] This past weekend, my friends Kim and Monty were having a holiday party where I met Jackson, a 13-month-old boy who seemed to be on a mission to explore ...

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