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Bulgarian protesters to condemn the government’s plan


Bulgarian protesters have held a demonstration to condemn the government’s plan to allow the setting up of a NATO military command base on the country’s soil. The demonstrators assembled in ...

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Nationalists to stop Britain leaving EU


Nationalist politicians in Scotland and Wales have pledged to stop English voters forcing them out of the European Union, if the UK holds a referendum on the issue as expected. ...

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Lavrov :NATO’s military Bulding provokes confrontation


  Lavrov made the remarks on Saturday after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on the sidelines of the 51st Munich Security Conference in southern Germany. “NATO’s course ...

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Georgia shooting , 5 killed


Seven people were shot, five fatally, after a gunman opened fire in the street in Douglas County, west of Atlanta. The victims included the ex-wife and several of the shooter’s ...

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Cameron under fire in UK for not joining Merkel

cameron merkel UK Ukrine

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been criticized at home for not participating in visits to Moscow and Kiev along with the French president and German Chancellor. The talks are ...

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should we let our kids use iPads and why Steve jobs did not let his kids ?

Steve jobs

in a Sunday article, New York Times reporter Nick Bilton said he once assumingly asked Jobs, “So your kids must love the iPad?” Jobs responded: “They haven’t used it. We ...

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Italian police uncover huge fake euro banknote factory near Naples

Italian police

Italian police have made one of their biggest seizures of fake currency for years. They say unfinished 50-euro banknotes worth more than 50 million euros, along with sophisticated printing presses, ...

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François Hollande reassures French nation after three terrorists shot dead by police

François Hollande

French President François Hollande followed Friday’s events from the situation room in the Élysée Palace and delivered a televised address to the French nation. “The call for unity, which I ...

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Paris shootings: Links emerge between suspects

Paris shootings

French authorities say links have emerged between two brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo shootings and a man believed to have killed a policewoman in Paris a day later. Police ...

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Roma baby to be buried in France as inquiry launched

A Roma baby is to be buried in a French cemetery later amid a row over the reported refusal by the mayor of a nearby town to grant her a ...

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