New Orleans, water, 12 years, Katrina, officials

New Orleans under water: 12 years after Katrina, officials can’t get it right

It is true: New Orleans lives and dies by its water. We eat from the Gulf, lake and wetlands and we breathe deeply of a sweltering, airborne humidity. We get our drinking water from the muddy Mississippi river, which carries the effluvia of half the country. Thousands upon thousands of rainy years have amplified the continuing decay in wetlands surrounding ...

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Hong Kong, activist, 'stapled', Lionel Messi, photo

Hong Kong activist says he was ‘stapled’ over Lionel Messi photo

A Hong Kong pro-democracy activist says he was beaten and had his legs stapled by Chinese agents because he was planning to send a signed photo of Lionel Messi to a dissident’s widow. Howard Lam, a member of Hong Kong’s Democratic party, said he was snatched on the street on Thursday, forced into a car and made to smell something ...

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Cézanne unmasked, shattering, portraits, Picasso, Paris, avant garde away

Cézanne unmasked: the shattering portraits that blew Picasso and the Paris avant garde away

In Paris at the dawn of the 20th century, a generation of young artists changed everything. They visited the dusty yet magical galleries of the Ethnography Museum in the rambling Trocadéro and some started their own collections of African masks. This fascination with non-European art helped them break with hundreds of years of tradition. Pablo Picasso completed a portrait of ...

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Seattle, insists, model, progressive, policing, Charleena Lyles

Seattle insists it’s a model for progressive policing – so why was Charleena Lyles killed?

Police were quick to respond to Charleena Lyles’s call about a burglary in her apartment. Less than an hour after she dialed 911 on the morning of 18 June, she opened her door to two Seattle officers and explained that her Xbox went missing after a trip to the store. Two minutes and 35 seconds later, the pregnant mother of ...

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Minnesota man, 98, Nazi war crimes, Poland, son, 'charade'

Minnesota man, 98, wanted for Nazi war crimes in Poland but son decries ‘charade’

As the history of Nazi hunting approaches its inevitable end, it could seem anticlimactic that one of its final chapters concerns a 98-year-old resident of an assisted living facility in a quiet, tree-lined section of north-east Minneapolis. In March, a Polish judge issued an arrest warrant for Michael Karkoc, for his alleged role as a “top commander” of a Nazi-affiliated ...

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'Nowhere to go', Disneyland, benches, homeless, removed

‘Nowhere to go’: By Disneyland, benches favored by homeless are removed

Growing up in Anaheim, Robert Hanley knew Disneyland well. His high school band played there. “And the funny thing is, when I got into the workforce as a younger gentleman, I helped build California Adventure,” he said, referring to a theme park inside the main resort. “I did electrical.” Hanley even has a Tinker Bell tattoo on his right bicep. ...

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Murder, polluted, Indian, river, 'living entity', status, dead

Murder most foul: polluted Indian river given ‘living entity’ status but reported dead

One morning in late March, Brij Khandelwal called the Agra police to report an attempted murder. Days before, the high court in India’s Uttarakhand state had issued a landmark judgment declaring the Yamuna river – and another of India’s holiest waterways, the Ganges – “living entities”. Khandelwal, an activist, followed the logic. “Scientifically speaking, the Yamuna is ecologically dead,” he ...

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At night on Skid Row, homeless, people, share, nine toilets

At night on Skid Row, nearly 2,000 homeless people share just nine toilets

The toilets are located in stalls without doors, and bathroom tissue is only available from an attendant seated outside. However unprepossessing, these nine cisterns in a sprawling complex on Los Angeles’ Skid Row are the only ones available at night to approximately 1,800 people sleeping on the surrounding streets, according to a new report out Thursday. The authors say that ...

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Kendall, Kylie Jenner, T-shirt, line, legal threats

Kendall and Kylie Jenner pull ‘disgusting’ T-shirt line after legal threats

Celebrity sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner were called “disrespectful” and “disgusting” after they unveiled a new line of T-shirts featuring their faces superimposed over images of musical acts including Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur. Voletta Wallace, Notorious BIG’s mother, criticized the Jenners in an Instagram post while a lawyer for the rapper’s estate threatened legal action should the “vintage” shirts, ...

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Jon, Hamm, Therapy, dentist

Jon Hamm: ‘Therapy is like going to the dentist’

Jon Hamm and I are at lunch to discuss his latest movie, Baby Driver, from the director Edgar Wright. But, of course, we’re talking about Don Draper instead, the existential ad man that Hamm immortalised in Mad Men. Jones in West Hollywood is a very Mad Men restaurant. It’s a low-lit, red-leather booth spot that has seen plenty of three- ...

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