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Chile forest fire near Valparaiso sparks 15,000 evacuations 11 dead

Chile forest fire

Chilean authorities have declared a state of emergency as a raging forest fire forced thousands of people to flee their homes. The fire is threatening the port cities of Valparaiso ...

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Ikea drops lifestyle website in Russia over ‘gay propaganda’ fears

IKEA gay propaganda Russia

Ikea is to close down an online magazine in Russia over fears it could flout the country’s law banning the promotion of gay values to minors. In a statement, the ...

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Julian Assange to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London

Swedish prosecutors Julian Assange

Swedish prosecutors have offered to travel to London to question Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over sex assault allegations. Prosecutors had previously insisted on questioning Mr Assange in Sweden, after seeking ...

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Barack Obama: I don’t text, I don’t tweet and I don’t use a smartphone

Barack Obama, text, tweet. use, smartphone

President Barack Obama doesn’t send text messages, rarely composes his own tweets, and isn’t allowed to have a smart phone that contains a recording device, he said on Thursday. And ...

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Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live: In Kenya we drive on the other side

Obama, Jimmy, Kimmel, Live, Kenya, drive

President Barack Obama made an appearance on the late-night comedy show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, gamely subjecting himself to jokes about getting high, going gray and hailing from Kenya. ...

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Georgia protest planned after police killing of military veteran Anthony Hill

Georgia, protest, police, killing, military, veteran, Anthony Hill

A protest is planned for Wednesday evening in the Georgia county where a military veteran was shot dead by a police officer who found him running naked around a suburban ...

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Parents who praise children too much may encourage narcissism, says study

narcissism parents children

Children who are told they are special by their parents are more likely to become narcissists, according to a study that aimed to uncover the origins of extreme selfishness. The ...

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Oklahoma fraternity’s ‘racists and bigots’ condemned as protests grow

Oklahoma, fraternity, racists, condemn, protests, grow

Members of one of the largest fraternity groups in the US were condemned on Monday by the the University of Oklahoma president, David Boren, after students were caught hurling racist ...

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Argentina helicopter crash kills three French sports personalities

Argentina helicopter crash

Three French sports personalities are among 10 people killed in a helicopter crash in Argentina, the French presidential office confirms. Eight French nationals and their two Argentine pilots died when ...

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Florida denies official ban on ‘climate change’

Florida, deny, official, ban, climate change, global warming

The office of Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, and the state’s environmental protection department (DEP) have denied the state banned the phrases “climate change” and “global warming” from educational materials and ...

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