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Alexis Sánchez soothes nerves after Cologne and fans give Arsenal a fright

Alexis Sánchez soothes nerves after Cologne and fans give Arsenal a fright

Europa League football arrived at the Emirates with a confusing, edgy, complicated energy. A one-hour delay due to the enormous band of Cologne supporters who travelled – many thousands in excess of the official allocation of 3,000 – and the intense atmosphere created inside the ground ensured that this Thursday night football lark felt mightily different even before a ball was kicked. The visiting ...

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Arsène Wenger tells Arsenal legends: you weren’t perfect either

Arsène Wenger has appealed for unity at Arsenal before the potentially fraught home game against Bournemouth on Saturday and reminded those former club “legends” who have been vociferous in their criticism that they were far from perfect during their careers. Wenger has seen a host of his erstwhile stars move into the media and, with the club under siege after a tumultuous ...

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Sead Kolasinac: the tree-like defender who can help to mould a tougher Arsenal

There was a twist this year to Arsenal’s annual late-season injection of hope in that it came with a change of formation. Can a conversion to a back three really, after all these years, be the recipe that actually delivers jam tomorrow? Yet it’s not even clear that Arsène Wenger intends to stick with a shape of which he was ...

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Obama to decide on cuts to US nuclear arsenal in October

Barack Obama is expected to make a final decision next month on possible cuts to the US nuclear arsenal, in an attempt to consolidate his legacy as a disarmer before leaving office. Options on the table include reducing the number of deployed strategic warheads, slimming down the reserve stockpile, cutting military stores of fissile material available for making new warheads, ...

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LA gay pride parade: man detained with arsenal of weapons before event

Police in Los Angeles have detained a man who was laden with guns and explosive materials on his way to the LA Pride festival. Officers arrested James Howell with a carload of weapons hours before the annual LGBT parade in West Hollywood on Sunday. Authorities said there appeared to be no connection with the massacre at an LGBT nightclub in ...

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Arsène Wenger under more pressure after ‘farce’ of Arsenal’s loss to Watford

Arsène Wenger lamented what he describes as a sense of “farce” that is enveloping Arsenal after they were knocked out of the FA Cup by Watford. The 2-1 defeat, Arsenal’s third successive home reverse, ended their most realistic chance of landing silverware this season. It also increased the pressure on Wenger, although the Frenchman said: “You are always in the ...

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Arsène Wenger calls for solidarity among Arsenal players and fans

Arsène Wenger has thanked people for their concern over his job security, as he responded to the avalanche of criticism that has followed Arsenal’s 3-2 Premier League defeat at Manchester United on Sunday with humour and a sense of perspective. The manager sought to look ahead to Wednesday night’s visit from Swansea City, when his team will attempt to close ...

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Barcelona’s miracle worker Lionel Messi leaves Arsenal praying for one

Well, ho hum. Thanks for that Lionel, old chum. So much for those 71 minutes of precarious but wholehearted team defence. Pack up your anxious, scampering Arsenal counterattacks. Put any fragile hopes of an improbable two-legged team-mugging back in the box. Those divine, restlessly scurrying feet have decided enough is apparently enough. At times watching Lionel Messi you get the ...

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Barcelona’s Luis Enrique predicts duel to shred the nerves of Arsenal fans

Luis Enrique could be excused an air of quiet, or even not-so-quiet, confidence before Tuesday’s Champions League first leg against Arsenal at the Emirates. As Barcelona’s manager batted aside the usual swooning questions about the intangible chemistry of his own front three, exactly how he conjures those moments of splendour (“I tell them ‘abracadabra’ and the magic sparks sparks, that’s ...

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Arsenal draw a blank against Southampton to fall further off the pace

For Arsenal a tremor that started as a festive flinch has turned into a full-on winter wobble. A goalless draw with Southampton on a fretful night at the Emirates leaves Arsène Wenger’s team without a goal in their past three league games and with a title challenge that looks increasingly snarled in the midwinter gloom. Fraser Forster was brilliant, a ...

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