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UN Human Rights Council to hold urgent debate on “systematic racism and police brutality”

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will hold an urgent debate on human rights violations, “systematic racism, police brutality and violence against peaceful protests” on Wednesday, the organization said ...

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The D.C. National Guard confirmed multiple members have tested positive for coronavirus

D.C. National Guard, coronavirus

The D.C. National Guard confirmed Tuesday that multiple members have tested positive for coronavirus following their deployment to respond to protests around the White House in response to the police ...

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74% of Americans view George Floyd’s death as an underlying racial injustice problem

Nearly three-fourths of Americans view the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer as a sign of an underlying racial injustice problem, a new ABC News/Ipsos ...

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Joe Biden has seen a surge in support from health-care professionals

Georgia , West Virginia

Joe Biden has seen a surge in support from health-care professionals as President Donald Trump struggles to bring in cash from those working in an industry under pressure from the ...

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83 inmates test positive for Covid-19 in West Virginia prison

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced today that the Huttonsville Correctional Center now has 83 inmates who have tested positive for coronavirus. “You know we have tested all the staff ...

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France halts use of hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients

French doctors have been banned from prescribing hydroxychloroquine to Covid-19 patients, the government ruled Wednesday. The French Health Ministry revoked its authorization for the drug to be given to those ...

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Daily deaths in US now more than 10% higher than in previous years

The number of people dying each day in the United States since early April has been consistently more than 10% higher than in previous years, according to a new report ...

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The US reported nearly 700 deaths today

The US reported 18,611 new cases of Covid-19 and 693 related deaths on Tuesday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That raises the national total to at least 1,680,913 ...

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Trump rips Columbia as ‘disgraceful institution

President Trump ripped Columbia University as a “disgraceful institution” in a new interview released Sunday after it released a study last week concluding thousands of lives could have been spared ...

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New York Times publishes names of 1,000 lives lost to coronavirus

The most important word on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times is “incalculable.” The total losses from the Covid-19 pandemic are, indeed, incalculable. The losses are greater than ...

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