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Number of U.S. Troops Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury From Iran Missile Strike Rises to 109

The number of U.S. service members diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries has shot up to more than 100, the Pentagon said Monday, as more troops suffer the aftereffects of the ...

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Today marks 64 straight weeks of anti-Macron YellowVests protests in France and there isn’t any media camera in sight

Today marks 64 straight weeks of anti-Macron #YellowVests protests in France, and still not one single mainstream media camera in sight. Whilst people in the UK are celebrating their independence ...

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64 US military personnel diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after Iran strike

traumatic brain, Iran strike

Sixty-four US military personnel have now been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury in the wake of the January 8 Iranian missile attack on the al Asad military base in ...

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Trump’s aim of killing General Soleimani was to make Bolton silent

The New York Times has referred to an unpublished manuscript of John Bolton’s book -former White House National Security Adviser- in which he has confessed that the President has told ...

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The self-fulfilling Iran prophecy

We are told the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani from a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad prevented possible attacks against U.S. targets and has brought a sense of justice for ...

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Joe Biden slams Trump for downplaying U.S. troop injuries from Iran attack as headaches

Joe Biden, Trump

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden on Friday slammed President Trump for downplaying the injuries that U.S. troops apparently suffered as a result of a recent Iranian missile attack in ...

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34 US troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iran attack on Ain al-Asad air base

Ain al-Asad

The Pentagon has said that 34 US troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) following an Iranian attack on their base in Iraq. Seventeen troops are still under medical ...

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Iran’s missiles are getting more accurate which may constrain future U.S. basing and operations

Iran’s missiles,

Despite the tragic shoot-down of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 572 near Tehran, the United States and Iran appear to have avoided an all-out war in the aftermath of the high-profile ...

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The United States hasn’t figured out how to deal with the nation of Iran

The United States,

In new year, President Trump has said that he, too, has no desire for war, yet he started the new year with a drone strike that killed General Qassem Suleimani, the mastermind of Iran’s ...

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Former Nuremberg prosecutor: Killing Soleimani broke international law

Nuremberg, Soleimani

US President Donald Trump’s order to “take out” head of the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force Major General Qassem Soleimani on the territory of Iraq was immoral and ...

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