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Hurricane Dorian floods island as it swipes North Carolina then heads north

Hurricane Dorian floods island as it swipes North Carolina then heads north

Hurricane Dorian briefly made landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Friday, hitting the beach-fringed barrier islands with powerful winds and battering waves days after reducing parts of ...

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A place called ‘hope’: the tiny island on the frontline of US-China tensions | World news

A place called 'hope', island, frontline, US-China, tensions

On the horizon, the azure sea water stops and the white, concrete structures of the Chinese military base rise up. “Sometimes we get nervous because we are only civilians. If ...

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Abandoned and abused: the forgotten Syrian refugee children on a Greek detention island

Syrian, refugee, children, Greek, detention, island

Rasha went missing late afternoon last Saturday. Her peers describe hanging out as normal with the 20-year-old Syrian in the Greek refugee detention camp. Then she vanished. Last Tuesday her ...

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Puerto Rico’s Democratic primary reflects debt crisis engulfing island

Puerto Rico, Democratic, reflects, debt, crisis, island

In many ways, Sunday’s Democratic party primary in Puerto Rico perfectly encapsulates the $73bn debt crisis that is seeping into every corner of this poverty-stricken Caribbean island. To cut costs, ...

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Donald Trump receives a hero’s welcome in Republican Staten Island

Donald Trump, hero, Republican, Staten, Island

The only way Staten Island might be more suited to Donald Trump would be with shorelines coated in gold leaf and streets paved in the classiest marble. The island, five ...

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Three men rescued off deserted island after spelling ‘help’ with palm leaves

men, deserted, island, spelling, help, palm leaves

Three men aboard a 19-ft skiff set off for a short sailing trip into the south Pacific. The weather grew rough, and the tiny ship was tossed into the sea ...

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New Video Shows Teen Slammed by Guard, Beaten by Inmates in Rikers Island Jail

surveillance footage shows abuse of teen in rikers Island prison


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