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OECD: outlook for global economy is ‘better, but not good enough’

Rising inflation and weak wage growth will leave Britain rooted to the bottom of the league table for living standards among the west’s richest countries in 2018, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned. In the last piece of economic news before the general election, the Paris-based thinktank said the next government would spend the first 18 months ...

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EU red tape is suffocating UK economy and Brexit can set us free

For those business people who believe both in remaining in the EU and in free markets, these are difficult times. In recent weeks, the government has made two major, possibly even historic, concessions to the left, making it harder for Remainers to argue that their position is the pro-capitalist one.First there was George Osborne’s shocking Treasury propaganda booklet on the ...

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London’s stock market hits record high

London’s stock market has hit a record high, breaking through the levels set at the height of the dotcom boom on relief that debt-laden Greece had secured a lifeline from its creditors and increasing belief that the UK’s economic recovery is gaining momentum. After months of testing the previous record 6950 point mark – which was reached on the final ...

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