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John Kasich: Trump’s ‘disturbing’ campaign could cost him Ohio

John Kasich, Trump, disturbing, campaign, cost, Ohio

Ohio governor John Kasich warned on Sunday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is at risk of losing his state in November, thanks to his “disturbing” campaign of divisiveness. Kasich’s ...

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Trump renews support for torture and compares trade deal to rape at Ohio rally

Trump, support, torture, trade, rape, Ohio

Donald Trump offered renewed support on Tuesday for the use of torture while repeatedly comparing a proposed free trade agreement to rape. Trump, who has often praised the use of ...

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Elizabeth Warren teams up with Hillary Clinton to bash Donald Trump in Ohio

Elizabeth Warren, teams, Hillary Clinton, bash, Donald Trump, Ohio

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren used their first joint appearance on the campaign trail to make a decidedly populist appeal to voters in the battleground state of Ohio, and to ...

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Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton will take fight to Donald Trump in Ohio

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, fight, Donald Trump, Ohio

Hillary Clinton will return to Ohio on Monday with Elizabeth Warren in tow. As Democrats sharpen their general election argument against Donald Trump, it will be their first joint appearance ...

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Ohio gun shop owner accidentally shot while teaching concealed carry class

Ohio, gun shop, accidentally, shot, concealed, carry class

Authorities say the owner of an Ohio gun shop who was teaching a concealed carry class was fatally shot in the neck by a student who accidentally fired a weapon. ...

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Gorilla shot and killed after grabbing four-year-old at Ohio zoo

Gorilla, shot, killed, four-year-old, Ohio, zoo

A special zoo response team has shot and killed a 17-year-old gorilla that grabbed and dragged a four-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit moat, the Cincinnati Zoo’s director ...

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Ohio police continue manhunt after eight people killed ‘execution-style’

Ohio, police, manhunt, people, killed, execution-style

Police have begun a manhunt in rural Ohio following the grisly murder of eight family members, with police advising surviving relatives to take extra precautions as no arrests have been ...

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Democratic forum in Columbus, Ohio

Democratic, forum, Columbus, Ohio

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took part on Sunday night in a Democratic forum in Columbus, Ohio – one of the states that votes on Tuesday. Here are the key ...

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Four injured in Ohio school shooting as 14-year-old suspect in custody

injured, Ohio, school, shooting, 14-year-old, custody

A 14-year-old suspect in a school shooting in Ohio that wounded four classmates, including two who were shot, is in a juvenile lock-up and facing several charges, the sheriff has ...

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Ohio voters reject legalization of recreational marijuana


Ohio voters on Tuesday shot down a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, but advocates remained hopeful for another measure that could be on the ballot in 2016. The swing state ...

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