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Russia’s House of Cards? TV channel campaigns for country’s first political drama

political drama Online-House of Cards

Independent Russian news channel Rain TV has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for a new television series, described by its writers as Russia’s first-ever political drama. The new ...

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Mourners gather for Boris Nemtsov funeral in Russia

Russia Boris Nemtsov funeral

Four days after he was gunned down by an unknown assailant in the heart of Moscow, former Russian deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov is to be laid to rest Tuesday. ...

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Ukraine pays Gazprom $15mn million for gas delivery


Ukraine’s Naftogaz has paid Gazprom $15 million for gas delivery. At current levels, the prepayment covers one day’s gas consumption and will be spent by Tuesday, Gazprom spokesperson Sergey Kupriyanov ...

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Lithuania signs a deal with the US over the imports of LNG.


Lithuania said Saturday it had signed a trade agreement to buy liquified natural gas from the United States in a move aimed at reducing the EU Baltic state’s heavy dependence ...

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Russia plans to create own space station by 2024

Russia space station agency

Russia has been looking at the possibility of creating its own space station by 2024. The country’s space agency, Roscosmos, says it is committed to the International Space Station until ...

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Ukraine conflict: Russia’s Vladimir Putin says war ‘unlikely’

Vladimir Putin Ukraine war

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said war with neighbouring Ukraine is “unlikely”, in an interview for Russian television. Mr Putin also stressed his support for the recent Minsk ceasefire deal ...

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Moody’s downgrade of Russia’s sovereign debt rating


Russia’s downgrade by Moody’s is based purely on “factors of a political character,” Russia’s Finance Minister said, claiming the agency’s exorbitantly negative forecasts are “unrealistic” and without parallel. “Obviously, the information ...

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U.S. and its Eu allies to weigh more sanctions against Russia


The United States and its European allies are in talks about harsher sanctions against Moscow, while U.S. President Barack Obama will evaluate next steps in dealing with the conflict in ...

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US warns Russia as UN backs ceasefire deal

US, Russia, UN, ceasefire, deal

The US has accused Russia of violating the Minsk agreement on Ukraine, as the UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve the ceasefire deal. Vice-President Joe Biden said “the costs ...

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China, Russia and North korea to set up an international free tourist zone

tourist zone

The authorities in China’s northeastern Jilin Province plan to create an international visa and duty-free tourist zone in the border region with Russia and North Korea. The territory will lie ...

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