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Dancing FBI agent drops gun during backflip and shoots man in leg

Dancing FBI agent drops gun during backflip and shoots man in leg

An off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot a bystander in the leg when his gun fell from its holster as he cavorted on the dance-floor of a bar in Denver, Colorado, ...

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Tulsa officer fatally shoots black man who refused to put hands up, police say

Tulsa officer, shoots, black man, hands up, police

A Tulsa police officer shot and killed an African American man who ignored repeated requests to put up his hands before reaching into an SUV that was stalled in the ...

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Gunman fatally shoots three people at house party near Seattle

Gunman, fatally, shoots, people, house party, Seattle

A gunman attacked a gathering of young adults at a suburban Seattle home early on Saturday, killing two people at a fire pit before firing more shots from the roof, ...

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Senate shoots down $1.1bn funding package to fight Zika virus

Senate, shoots, $1.1bn, funding, package, Zika virus

US lawmakers deadlocked over funding to fight the Zika virus on Tuesday, as Senate Democrats blocked a Republican proposal they said fell short of the challenge posed by the mosquito-borne ...

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US man shoots himself in foot while adjusting sock

US, shoots, foot, adjusting, sock

Two people have been wounded at a high school graduation ceremony in Kansas after a man shot himself in the foot and wounded another person after he fiddled with a ...

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‘Killed this here critter’: outrage after US rancher shoots rare wolverine

Killed, critter, outrage, US, shoots, wolverine

A North Dakota rancher fatally shot the first wolverine documented in the state in more than 150 years, outraging wildlife advocates across the US who said the killing was cruel ...

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Utah police battle angry crowd after officer shoots male wielding broomstick

Utah, police, battle, officer, shoots, male, broomstick

A male who authorities say was wielding a broomstick was shot and critically injured by Salt Lake City officers on Saturday night, touching off hours of unrest as officers wore ...

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