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The wife of Rayshard Brooks wants the officers involved in the fatal shooting of her husband to go to jail

In a preview of an interview airing Monday on CBS This Morning, Tomika Miller, the wife of Rayshard Brooks says she wants the officers involved in the fatal shooting of ...

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Trump says he’ll leave office peacefully if he loses in November

President Donald Trump sought to brush aside fears he might not leave office willingly if November’s election doesn’t go his way. “Certainly, if I don’t win, I don’t win,” he ...

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The new White House fence is getting covered in protest art

White House fence

As the protests over police brutality and the killing of George Floyd ramped up in the past week, the administration of Donald Trump increasingly fortified the area around the White House. Entrances ...

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Street section near White House renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza

Black Lives Matter

Muriel Bowser announced the change to the area near the church where Donald Trump posed for a photograph with a Bible. City workers and activists painted the words Black Lives ...

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Fires flare near White House amid rising tensions with police during protests

Fires were set near the White House as tensions with police mounted during a third straight night of demonstrations in response to the death of George Floyd at police hands in ...

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Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged

Secret Service agents rushed President Donald Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing rocks and ...

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Joe Biden has seen a surge in support from health-care professionals

Georgia , West Virginia

Joe Biden has seen a surge in support from health-care professionals as President Donald Trump struggles to bring in cash from those working in an industry under pressure from the ...

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Trump threatens to shutter social media companies

President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to wield the powers of the federal government to shut down major social media platforms ahead of November’s general election — comparing what he claimed ...

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New Jersey reports 965 new coronavirus cases

coronaviruses researcher , Trump

At least 965 new Covid-19 cases and 16 additional deaths were reported in New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy tweeted today. The state has approximately 155,092 coronavirus cases and 11,144 deaths, ...

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Trump administration likely to announce temporary travel restrictions to Brazil because of spike

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said Sunday the administration is likely to announce new restrictions on travel to Brazil. O’Brien, during an interview with CBS, said the administration is likely ...

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