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Tour de France 2017, Peter Sagan, Michael Matthews, win, stage, three

Tour de France 2017: Peter Sagan holds off Michael Matthews to win stage three

Since 2012 it has become increasingly clear that Peter Sagan is, as the French would say, un cas à part – in a class of his own. In sporting terms, the double world champion appears utterly impervious to pressure and can prove utterly unbeatable on his day, as was the case here in a carbon copy of his victory last ...

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Harry Kane, denies, Scotland, win, England, Griffiths

Harry Kane denies Scotland win over England after Griffiths sparks frantic finish

The only word to describe it is bedlam. It was certainly difficult to make sense of that extraordinary finale other than to say that, ultimately, Harry Kane showed everyone right at the end why Gareth Southgate had made him captain for the day. It was the 93rd minute when Kane denied Scotland their “football, bloody hell” moment and, in the ...

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SEIU, US, unions, 30% budget, Trump, win

SEIU, one of the largest US unions, plans 30% budget cuts in wake of Trump win

The two-million-member union that was a driving force behind the Fight for $15 minimum wage protests is planning to cut its internal budgets by 30% in anticipation of the Donald Trump administration, according to an internal memo. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) president, Mary Kay Henry, has told staff that “[b]ecause the far right will control all three branches ...

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FBI covered up Russian influence on Trump's election win, Harry Reid claims

FBI covered up Russian influence on Trump’s election win, Harry Reid claims

The FBI covered up information about Russia seeking to tip the 2016 presidential election in Donald Trump’s favour, a senior Democrat claimed on Saturday, after reports emerged about spy agencies’ investigations into hacks of US political parties. Harry Reid, outgoing Senate minority leader, compared FBI director James Comeyto the agency’s notorious founder, J Edgar Hoover, and called for his resignation. ...

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CIA, Russia, interfered, Trump, win, election

CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election

A secret CIA assessment has found that Russia interfered in last month’s US presidential election with the goal of helping Donald Trump win the White House, the Washington Post has reported, citing officials briefed on the matter. The report comes after President Barack Obama ordered a review of all cyberattacks that took place during the 2016 election cycle, amid growing ...

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Morgan Stanley, bosses, $10m, Trump, election, win

Morgan Stanley bosses made $10m in surge after Trump election win

Bosses at Morgan Stanley made more than $10m (£8m) selling shares in the investment bank as its stock surged on the back of Donald Trump’s presidential victory. James Gorman, Morgan Stanley’s chief executive, made a $2.9m profit on Friday by exercising share options granted to him at $22.98 and then selling the shares at $37.70. A slew of other executives ...

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Jill Harth, Donald Trump, pulled, election, win

Jill Harth: Donald Trump has pulled ‘the biggest con possible’ with election win

Donald Trump has pulled off “the biggest con possible”, and may leave many in the United States like “roadkill”, one of the first women to accuse him of sexual assault has told. Jill Harth, a former business partner of Trump’s, claims the incoming president cornered her in 1993 during a purported “tour” of his Mar-a-Lago estate, pushing her up against ...

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Trump, win, sparks student, walkouts, protests, U.S.

Trump win sparks student walkouts and protests across the U.S.: ‘I expected better’

Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election sparked protests across the nation Wednesday, with crowds marching through city streets, rallying at college campuses and staging walkouts at schools in an open disavowal of the president-elect. Students at several Bay Area high schools got up from their seats in the middle of class and filed out. A throng of more than ...

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Clinton, rare, visit, Arizona, confidence, win

Clinton’s rare visit to Arizona is unusual show of confidence that she’ll win there

In the frenetic dash to election day, Hillary Clinton will swing through the usual key target states for any Democratic candidate: Ohio, Florida, North Carolina – and Arizona? On Wednesday, Clinton will visit the Grand Canyon State for the first time since winning the Democratic nomination, a move that signals the campaign’s increasing confidence in her chances of turning a ...

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Brexit times five, Trump, win, despite, polls, Clinton

‘Brexit times five’: could Trump really win despite polls favoring Clinton?

Outside Trump Tower, the war looks to be over. As smoke clears from weeks of political bombardment, White House watchers are convinced the only questions now are how big Hillary Clinton’s win will be and whether the Democrats can take Congress, too. Those Republicans still loyal to Trump cling to the hope that all the polls are wrong – that ...

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